Märklin & Trix Announce outstanding new SNCF class 241-A Express Steam Locomotive!

An exciting new announcement came from the 2017 IMA (former Modellbahn Treff) in Göppingen Germany.  An all new model design made from new tooling, the SNCF class 241-A. Currently the largest operating steam locomotive in Europe, it is assigned to the Full-Reuenthal depot in Switzerland.  Having seen the prototype of this 4-8-2 locomotive in the Cite du Train museum in Mulhouse France, I can tell you it is huge and a beautiful piece of art in it's own right. 

This new model is selling quickly.  I reserved a record number of models in the first day after my email announcement, which tells you how excited modelers are to see an all new French prototype model coming from Märklin. 

Features: The model is mostly metal construction made from all new tooling and features a partially open bar frame with many separately applied details.  It comes with an mfx+ decoder with extensive sound and LED light functions including cab and running gear lighting.  Also included is a factory installed 72270 smoke unit.

Order via email using the link below: 

Märklin 3-rail version 39241 $580.95

Trix 2-rail version T22941 $580.95

Factory web site information page link:

YouTube video of display model from the IMA