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ESU (Electronic Solutions Ulm) is a major German manufacturer of digital systems and components for the model railway industry compatible with Mäklin, DCC and SelecTrix digital formats.  They also produce a wide range of sound and non-sound decoders which are used in just about every European manufacturer's models today.  ESU also developed the first generation of Märklin Systems' Central Station 60212, Mobile Station and mfx decoder technology.  The quality of their decoders and digital systems is very high.  Over the past 8-10 years of our installing ESU Lokpilot and Loksound decoders into thousands of locomotives, I have seen decoder failures on fewer than ten units and these were all covered under warranty.  I have personally used the ESU ECoS Command Station on one of my layouts for several years and it has been completely reliable.   The only drawback I found was not having Märklin's locomotive database available made for a little more work adding locomotive pictures manually.

ESU includes a power supply with their Command Stations and Boosters.  This is a big bonus because one does not have to spend additional funds purchasing power supplies at additional cost for each unit.  Those funds are certainly more enjoyable when spent on a new locomotive, right?  ESU also offers a great radio control throttle for wireless train control.  Click on the item pictures below for more information on each article from ESU's web site and purchase your digital components right here from us!  Our prices reflect a generous 20% discount.


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Our Discount
ESU50210 ECoS 2 digital Command Station
7" TFT color display with power supply
compatible with Märklin Motorola and mfx, DCC and SelecTrix digital formats
Large motorized control knobs

ESU50012 ECoS Boost 7 Amp Booster
Includes Power Supply

ESU50099 ECoS Link Terminal Bus Distribution Plate
6 Slave Jacks w/3' cable

ESU50094 ECoS Detector Feedback Module $212.40

ESU50095 ECoS Detector Extended $55.20

ESU50096 ECoS Detector Standard $84.90

ESU51801 SwitchPilot Extension 4-twin relays (DPDT) output 2A each.  Extension for SwitchPilot V4.0 $30.59

ESU51830 SwitchPilot 3, Accessory decoder for 4 twin coil magnetic devices, 2x Servos for Märklin Motorola and mfx, DCC and SelecTrix digital formats $36.55

ESU51831 Switch Pilot 3 Plus $36.59

ESU51832 Switch Pilot 3 Servo $30.59

ESU51804 Servo Motor Kit
Micro controlled with plastic gearing and mounting kit

ESU51805 Servo Motor Kit
Micro controlled with metal gearing and mounting kit

ESU51810 Servo Extension Cable 75cm $4.25

ESU53900 Decoder Tester 44.95

ESU53452 Lokprogrammer
Programming interface for ESU decoders

ESU50700 LED Interior Lighting Unit 255mm
Warm White

ESU50702 LED Interior Lighting Unit 255mm

ESU50703 LED Interior Lighting Unit for G and I Gauge Includes white and yellow LEDs with adjustable brightness $40.70

ESU50704 Cabin Lighting Strip w/1LED
Warm White

ESU50705 Red LED Tail Light Set $8.80

  ESU50710 LED Power Pack Energy Storage
pack of two

ESU50707 8pc Wheel Wiper Set
all scales

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