Our Policies

Internet Orders

Orders placed through our secure on-line shopping cart will be shipped as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours.  Our on-line ordering service is only available to customers in the following countries: USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and Japan.  We reserve the right to accept or reject orders placed from individuals in these or any other countries. 
We will help prosecute anyone committing credit card fraud by providing authorities with any and all information relating to fraudulent orders.  Credit card companies can and do prosecute individuals who commit credit card fraud.


Due to the continuing change in the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Euro, actual prices of items may differ at times from those on our web site. Prices are subject to change  (up or down) over the course of time.  We will do our best to maintain reasonably consistent prices on all articles we sell.

Payment Methods


Visa and Master Card are the preferred payment methods, but Checks and Money Orders are welcome too.   Layaways are available also. I will be happy to place an item on layaway with a 33% deposit. We can arrange payments on a layaway for a reasonable period of time. All orders and existing backorders, require one of the following for immediate shipment.

1. Credit card number given with order or on file for immediate charge of the invoice amount.  Please do not e-mail credit card numbers.  This is not secure!

2. Credit card number given or on file as a security against receipt of payment by check. If payment is not received by the due date on the invoice, the credit card will be charged the invoice amount.  Payments are due immediately upon receipt of your invoice.  Please send your payments as soon as you receive your package. You will find the invoice in the package or in an envelope on top of the package. 

3. Check or money order payment in advance, or included with orders submitted by mail.  We no longer ship C.O.D. under any circumstances.


Deposits may be required on items which are very limited, of high value, or for first time customers.  Deposit amounts of up to $200.00 may be required based on the price of the item ordered and are payable by check or money order only.  Deposits are considered good faith money toward a final sale and are not refundable.  We like to be as fair as possible with your deposit money.  Therefore, should you change your mind about any item ordered which required a deposit, you may cancel the order provided the item is not in route to us from the supplier or already in stock.  Deposit money is  then considered an account credit which may be used toward the purchase of other items.  

Once the ordered item is in route, we have no recourse other than to accept the item from the supplier.  At this time your order is considered a firm order.  Anyone who  cancels an order at this time forfeits their deposit money in full.  


Small light weight items are shipped USPS Priority Mail.  Larger and heavy items are shipped Fed Ex Ground.  Shipping rates are calculated electronically from Fed Ex.  I do not charge a handling fee except on small orders under the minimum order amount of $25.00. Fed Ex Three Day, Next Day and Two Day service is available also.

Shipping Rates

As everyone knows by now, the cost of shipping has risen significantly over the past year.  UPS and FedEx both raise rates every February 1st and the US Postal Service increased rates recently.  In addition to the base shipping cost, UPS and FedEx both began adding a residential delivery surcharge to all residential shipments and a fuel surcharge to all shipments a couple years ago.  All shipments sent by FedEx are electronically processed and billed at a discounted rate based on the shipping volume we do each year. 


Once in a while everyone needs to return something. Items you wish to return or exchange will be accepted if they are in the original packaging and show no signs of use. Special order items are not returnable.  All returns must be made within 15 days from the date of purchase. If you need to return an item, you must call and notify me of the return prior to shipping. Pack the item carefully in the original box and include a short note explaining the return. Any item or its packaging damaged because it was packed in a box that was too small or with insufficient packaging, will be the responsibility of the customer and will not be accepted for return. An adjustment will be made for you upon receipt of the item in new condition. There is no restocking fee or penalty for allowing you to be a satisfied customer.

Returned Checks

All returned checks are subject to a $35.00 service fee. The amount of a returned check, including the service charge, will be charged to the customers credit card number on file.